High Tenacity Braided Blue Mooring Cape in 18MM

At the moment of touching the port it is important to have Anchoring and Mooring ropes that provide the necessary firmness that the boat requires. A braided blue mooring line of high tenacity in 18 mm, is an element of great value for boats of medium scale, its radius allows it to withstand with ease the pressure exerted by this type of vessels.

They bear well lafriega and are more economical, and that is why the braided style ropes are the best choice for mooring. On the other hand, the high tenacity braided blue mooring line in 18 mm, as it is detailed, is made with a color that it falls within the range that is applied for these bodies of the cabillería, other tones, besides unnecessary, suppose greater costs.

Recommendations for the use of the High Tenacity Braided Blue Mooring Cape in 18MM

All the accessories and tools of the nautical world must be subjected to maintenance processes in order not to replace them constantly.

In the area of ​​cabillería maintenance work means saving good sums of money. Consider the following recommendations for mooring lines:

  • Cover the ends in areas where friction is applied with thimbles or guiacabos, it is

also very convenient to use pieces of hose, in this way the rope suffers less wear and


  • The correct thing is to tie the ropes to the dock so that they are not too loose to

avoid movement and blows on the rope, nor is it advisable to leave the rope very

tight because it could cause its breaking or stretching.

  • Avoid as much as possible that the mooring lines remain submerged, this leads to

premature wear, in case it occurs it is recommended to dry them immediately.

  • In order to dock comfortably and quickly, it is very useful to always keep the ropes

clean and well collected, they tend to get entangled and make the navigator invest

valuable time in unraveling.

Tying places for the High Tenacity Braided Blue Mooring Cape in 18MM

To fix the ship, eight ropes should be used in total: four in the bow and four in the stern, then the functionality of each one:

  • Long: they work in the same direction from where they start, that is to say: that of the stern tension towards the stern.
  • Spring: apply force in the opposite direction to its starting point, the stern spring is directed towards the bow and the bow towards the stern.
  • Through: they fix the ship at its berth and avoid perpendicular movement.
  • Codera: they are used to tie the boat to a buoy located in the opposite direction of the dock.


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